Posted by: jeannebarrack1 | April 16, 2008

Are You an Irish Terran? First List

First, an Introduction to the Terran Realm ~~
…a world where the Terrans, a race as old as time, coexist in harmony—and secrecy—with mere mortals. Their collective consciousness is what keeps the world whole, and their century and a half lifespan ensures …knowledge won’t be lost…or will it?
Armed with the very power of Mother Earth, Keepers use their special skill set of Air, Earth, Fire, Spirit and Water to maintain world balance through manipulation of their element. They are one of the most precious resources our world has to offer.
The “guardsmen” to Keepers, Protectors are the muscle with magic that ensure a Keeper is never compromised.
Through the use of words and music, they can control the thoughts and actions of humans and Terrans alike
Their voice can manipulate humans

Destroyers are Terrans that have gone bad; they seek to annihilate everything KOTE (Keepers of the Environment) fought to establish centuries ago…and to a certain extent, they’ve succeeded.

Now, the List:
Braden Ó Bradáin salmon

Murphy Ó Murchu hound of the sea
Murray Ó Muireadhach seaman or master

Ronan (m) Rónán little seal
Murren, Maren, Mairenn ~ Sea-fair

Lucan ~ from the marshy hollow
Ennis ~ Island
Murtagh, Mortimer ~ skilled in seacraft
Murrow, Mrgan, Murrough ~ sea battler
The last names imply that you’re also a Protector!
If you couldn’t find your exact name, check the one most similiar.
On Monday, I’ll put up a new list!



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