Posted by: jeannebarrack1 | April 28, 2008

Second List ~ Are You an Irish Terran?

This second list refers to names associated with the Air Element and birds who call the sky their home.
Fanciful, of course and by no means complete.
See if you’re an Irish Terran Air Keeper!


Branigan, Brenningan, O Branagain, Brenda, Brendan ~ raven

Colm, Colum, Colmcille, Columb, Columba, Colman ~ dove; Colmcille means dove of the church

Fagan, O Faodhagain, Fechin ~ raven
Einin, Enda ~ little bird, birdlike
Galvin ~ sparrow
Geileis ~ bright swan
Guthrie ~ windy place
Kyne, Cadhan ~ wild goose
Lonan ~ blackbird
Mavelle ~ songbird

Séanait, Séighín ~ hawk
Niall ~ cloud, also vehement
Niall could also be a Protector since there is more than one meaning. Meanings/derivations for names is always open to interpretation.


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