Posted by: jeannebarrack1 | May 5, 2008

Are you an Irish Terran? ~ Fire Element

Their Terran heritage veiled in legend for centuries, the Irish Terrans unknowingly kept their ties within their names. See if your name has its roots in the Terran Realm!
Fire Keeper
Egan, Hayes, Keegan – fire
Aidan – little fire
Fintan – white fire
Cara, Carra – fiery red
Conley, Conleth, Connelly – prudent fire
Daigh – flame, fire
Eavan, Aoibhinn, Éibhleann, Evlin, – beautiful radiance (this name is female)
Evin, Evan – radiant (masculine)
Kelly – bright-headed
Laisrén – flame
Leesha, Louisa, Lucy – radiant girl
Lugh, Lou, Aloysius, Louis – light, brightness (also the Celtic god)
Niamh, Niav – brightness, radiance (feminine)
Flannery – red
Flynn – bright red
Rowan, Rohan – red-haired
Rory – Red-haired king (this name would imply that you also might be a Protector)
 Another list Coming Soon!


  1. Hi Jeanne, luv this FIRE list. Too bad my name isn’t on it!

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