Posted by: jeannebarrack1 | May 12, 2008

Are you an Irish Terran – Earth Keeper

The Irish Terrans derive their names from several sources; the Elements and whether they are a Protector, Singer, Speaker ~ or even, Destroyer. Over the course of centuries they intermarried with the native humans and their heritage was lost. Now, the only way to tell if there is Irish Terran blood in your family is to check this list ~

Earth Keeper — Everything associated with the Earth — flowers, plants, trees, hills — this is only a partial list.

Cullen, MacCullen, O Cuileann – holly
Eithne, Enya, Etna, Anna, Annie – kernel or gorse
Owen, Eugene, Eoghan – born of the yew
Fiona – vine
Vaughan – beech tree
Adare – oak tree grove
Ardeen, Airdin – little height
Carrick, Garrick – rock
Carrigan, Kerrigan – little rock
Cavan – the hollow
Killian, Cillin – church ground
Clady – muddy place
Corr – round hill
Corroy – russet round hill
Dara, MacDara – oak and son of the oak
Ennis – island
Killeen (coillin) – little woods
Ross – headland


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