Posted by: jeannebarrack1 | May 18, 2008

The Irish Terrans ~ Protectors, Singers, Speakers

The Irish Terran Singers, Speakers and Protectors. Remember, these are just partial lists and includes transliterated first and last names

Protectors — The warriors of the Terrans
Casey — vigilant in war
Clancy — red warrior
Farrell — valorous
Hanlon — champion
Kearney — victorious
Larkin — rough or fierce
Tracy — warlike
Ardal — high valor
Conleth — chief lord
Connell, Conall — strong as a wolf
Donal — world mighty
Fergal — manly, valorous
Fergus — the strength of a man
Tressa — strength
Alistir, Alistair — defender of mankind
Begley — little hero
Callan, Callanin — strong in battle
Cahir — battle lord
Mullen — warrior
Rory — red king

Singers — They can control both humans and Terrans alike with the power of their voice or song
Amirgin — born of song
Bardan — poet
Binne — melodious, sweetness
Duana — poem, song
Laoidheach (Lee) — songful, poetic
Reardan — royal poet
Teague — poet

Speakers — Their power lies in their words and is limited to control over humans
Nolen, Nolan — shout
Scully — town crier
Lowery, Lavery, Lowrey — Speaker


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