Posted by: jeannebarrack1 | February 13, 2009

A Naughty Valentine for You

The reason I picked the first yummy candy was because of those gorgeous eyes. I picked the second one because of the hunkalicious body.
So tell me, which turns you on first?
Gorgeous face or gorgeous body?
Please leave a comment to be entered in the contest.



Liquid Silver Books is having an Eye Candy Valentine Blog Contest  

Once you’ve finished drooling over the men,
come join the Liquid Silver’s “Reveal Your Heart” Valentine’s Day bash,
Saturday, February 14th on the

Liquid Silver Yahoo Loop.
LSB authors will be offering excerpts, freebies, and general party frivolity
throughout the day. You won’t want to miss out on all the give aways
as well as chatting with your favorite author and
perhaps meet some new comers to the LSB family.
If you’re not already a member come on over to



Everyone who follows the trail from beginning to end on Valentine’s Day
will have their name thrown into a hat to win some nifty prizes.

You merely follow the trail of hot men
any time from midnight Friday to midnight Saturday (EST)!
If you are just hooking in here, the actual trail begins at
And hopefully, you just came from
If you are already following the trail, the next link in our chain is:



  1. Hi Jeanne, hope you have some nice plans. HVD!

  2. Boy, you follow that trail and you just think…use your thumbs and PUSH Luigi!!

    And Justin…sigh!!

  3. Poetic, and a beautiful torso… yum.

  4. I love his chest and low riders, very sexy. I must have missed Luigi’s pictures on Beautiful mag. I will need to go use the search feature to find more.

  5. What a nice idea this is. Thanks

  6. Yum, yum, yummy! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  7. nice pictures! this is becoming a very nice morning!

  8. Dark and brooding eyes stare out at a wide troubled world…expressive.

  9. Thanks for sharing the eye candy!! Today I’m celebrating my 33rd Wedding Anniversary, and ya’ll are making it a lot of fun

  10. Happy Valentines Day!

  11. What a lovely man.

  12. Following this trail has got my blood pressure rising.LOL

  13. Very nice Jeanne, very nice. Thanks

  14. thanks for the candy!

  15. He’s so serious. I might know some tricks to turn that frown upside down.


  16. Believe it or not I like my men with LESS hair! LOL! Give me a military crew cut or a beautiful shaved head. Ahhhh.

  17. Great looking men!! Keep them coming.

  18. I didn’t respond to your question. I’m going to go with body (I think 🙂

  19. I’m gonna have to say the guy with the eyes, his body isn’t half bad either….kinda hairy, but….mmmm

  20. Yummy face…body is a bonus!

  21. Yummy pics! Please enter me in the contest! I like the second pic best!

  22. Not sure if my post posted, so I’m trying again. I’m going for the guy on top. I think his curls would be fun to play with all night long. 🙂

  23. A gorgeous face will catch my attention first.

  24. Happy Valentine’s Day. Very nive eye candy!!!

  25. Love the hottie! Happy Valentines Day

  26. I love a guys with great eyes and if his body is just as hot then that an added bonus.
    Happy Valentine’s Day

  27. Hey, I was here this morning and said he had moody eyes.

    He does, and other nice parts too.

  28. tough choice..can I have both? 🙂

  29. The first one looks a little haunted – or maybe vapid?

    The second one reminds me of a pissed off fireman, and I think he’s blonde.

    That kinda disqualifies them both for me. If I had to pick, I’d say the second one though.

  30. hey, gang, why no comments????

  31. And now I know: I didn’t turn off the moderation
    doo hickey!
    MY VERY BAD! :>(

  32. I like both pictures, but the gorgeous face would turn me on first. I love looking into a pair of eyes that I could get lost in. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  33. both pics were great ,but I like the first one best. he does have gorgeous eyes.

  34. Yummy pics, both of them, but I have to go for the second pic, great face and body

  35. Difficult question to answer.

    What is he wearing when I meet him? Because if the body is covered you catch the face first. Otherwise I’d see the body and (shhh, don’t tell anyone) I might never get around to looking up at the face.


  36. Awesome eye candy Jeanne! Happy Valentines Day! *HUGS*

  37. For me it’s the eyes and smile first, then the body. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  38. The face does it for me with the hair.

  39. eyes are the first thing i notice

  40. Faces tell lies – bodies tell the truth. A sexy smile and gorgeous wicked eyes can twist the mind and turn the heart – but a well-made body that’s lush and healthy tells only the truth – that he thinks you’re sexy and hot. A healthy, sexy body tells you a lot.

    Thanks for the wonderful eye-candy!

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