Posted by: jeannebarrack1 | February 28, 2009

The Mating Ritual

Welcome to the world of Khatkool, cat shifter and secret ally of the Terrans. Khat has maintained his feline shape for ten long years as Aviva Shiron’s furry companion.
Now he has reached his maturity and shifted to human. He must mate within one month or at the end return to his furred form…forever.
He has met the one with whom he wishes to mate and now comes the Ritual.
Let me know what you think of my guys
Khat increased his pace, tugging at the clothes he had been forced to wear in his human form. The sunshine yellow top hugged his lean physique and the tight, low-slung jeans cupped his ass and balls. 
He couldn’t wait to get out of them. 
He had told Mark to meet him at the gazebo in the park. The secluded area was idyllic and he wanted their first time to be perfect.
There he was. The day was sweltering hot and Mark had already stripped off his shirt. Khat’s mouth watered at the sight of his half-nude body. Soon they’d both be naked.
He couldn’t wait.
They needed no words.
Khat pushed Mark against the gazebo’s wooden wall and gripped the nape of his neck.
Their lips and tongues joined and he thrust his groin against Mark, loving the feel of the rough denim abrading his naked cock.
Mark shoved his hand down the front of his jeans, rubbing his aching prick. 
Khat purred.
And pulled off his top.
Finally, they were skin to skin.
And the Ritual grew heated.



  1. I notice the face firt, I am a sucker for eyes and the the nice body does help too…exspecially a nice ass. WOW!

  2. I’m hooked! I’d watch the two of them perform the Ritual or just kiss.

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