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Sunday Flash Blog Tour ~ Author’s Sketch Book

Welcome blog hoppers! You should have come from Juniper Bell’s blog, and the tour started at the LSB SEx blog , so if you’re just stumbling on this post, be sure to start there!
Then pop back here and leave your comments. On my blog you’ll find the #4 Flashes from the members of our tour.
Now…on to the next blog at Dee Carney’s place. Be sure to follow the links on all the blogs and drop in at our all day chat.
In my Flashes today you’ll meet Khatkool barOnsinta, a cat shapeshifter from the Terran Realm. He appeared first in feline form in A Perfect Symmetry. In that book, he maintained his feline cover. In The Mating Ritual, he, er, uncovers  his secret identity.
Here’s Khat and his lover Mark. For more pictures, scroll down the page!



  1. #4 THE MATING RITUAL ~ Jeanne Barrack
    As soon as Khat pulled off his top, Mark was all over him. His calloused hands grabbed Khat’s jaw, bringing his lips back to where Khat had wanted them all along — plastered against his mouth.
    Their zippers pulled tight against their burgeoning erections creating an arousing pressure.
    Mark ran his hands up and down Khat’s sweat-slicked skin just as Khat rumbled out a purr that vibrated through his body. The sound set off a responding ripple of pleasure in Mark just as it was designed to do. If Mark were truly Khat’s chosen Barb, he would be able to join with Khat in every way possible, for as long as possible, matching his stamina.
    If not, after this one time, they would never mate again.

  2. Morning Jeanne. Did you stop over at Juniper’s place? Hot buttered rum for all! I manged to get two off the bar. I think Juniper is still snoozing.

    I’m just walking through to check out everyone’s place. I’ll be back at SEx to start my flash a little later.

  3. Christmas at the Manporium – 3

    “Brenda’s easy,” Kendall said without hesitation. She glanced up at the cam for her phone before looking back down at whatever she was doing. “She’s obsessed with old animated Japanese porn. Find something with tentacles through VintageBay and she’ll love you forever.”

    Noelle blinked at the screen of her ‘fone, where a cursor blinked in anticipation beside Brenda’s name. “Tentacles? Really?”

    Kendall laughed, glancing up again. “Yes, really. You should watch some, it’s really weird. But kind of hot.”

    Shaking her head, she keyed it in. Tentacle movie for Brenda. “Thanks, K.”

  4. Early Christmas Present #4-Jolie Cain

    She licked her lips, and his eyes zeroed in on the movement, his body hardening in instinctive response. Fuck! He wanted her. The bulge between his thighs made that glaringly obvious. She was so damn gorgeous. His eyes traveled over her in unconscious greed. How had he never noticed before that her skin was so silky smooth or that her breasts were generous and sat high and proud on top of her slender frame. He clenched his hands to stop himself from reaching out and filling them with that tender flesh. He was tempted, so tempted it was almost unreal, to climb into that bed and bury himself in her sweetness. He could already imagine the taste of her, the feel of her softness against his hot skin.

    But no, she was Scott’s sister. It wasn’t right! He couldn’t. But, oh, he wanted to.

  5. Tentacles? OMG, that’s awesome!

    **puts a little more something in the coffee**

  6. Cabin Fever by Alanna Coca Chapter four
    Holy hell. Curtis didn’t know what to think. He had a mostly naked woman on his lap, and she’s kissing him like there’s no tomorrow…he couldn’t think if he wanted to. Her tongue snaked into his mouth, and he angled his head for better access. She might be dreaming. She probably didn’t know what she was doing. Exhausted, dehydrated maybe. None of those reasons seemed to pierce the fog of his brain enough to make him push her away. Okay, he was a bastard, but the woman kissed him, not the other way around. He felt his body react immediately, his cock straining against her hip. He grasped her shoulders when she moved against him. The growl that escaped his throat was enough to make at least one of his dogs whimper from across the room. She broke the kiss, and Curtis held his breath, bracing himself for a slap on the cheek. What she did instead was shift her body until she was straddling his lap. The blankets fell away from her, baring her flawless shoulders and chest.
    She blinked her green eyes and whispered, “Are you an angel?”

  7. Things are heating up fast around here! Whoo-boy!

    The Invitation – #4 – Juniper Bell

    He unfurled himself from the sand and stood up so he towered over both of them. Ah, that was better. The girl looked alarmed, but Ariane merely tilted her head and smiled, like a cat with cream. Or a chew toy she was looking forward to playing with.
    “You’re invited,” she purred.
    “I decline.”
    “You decline the Circle?”
    “I’m a loner, what can I say.”
    A wicked smile curved her red lips. “But you work so well with others. Why keep such skill to yourself?” Watching her mouth, he remembered how it felt around his cock. His cock remembered too.

  8. Six Pack Ranch, Book 2

    Beth wiggled uncomfortably but refused to drop her gaze. She had to bluff her way out of this. She was a grown woman, she was taking back control of her life. It was a step she wanted to take and she could handle it. Couldn’t she?

    His gaze descended her body, an intimate caress without physical contact. “What’s it going to be? Do I grab my brothers and we pop you and your sister in cab so you get safely home? Or do you really want to have a little company tonight. Shoot straight with me. I won’t accept any lies.”

    She licked her lips and his eyes darkened, his stare solid on her mouth. She stuttered for a second, then swallowed and took a deep breath. Part of the truth burst out.

  9. I agree. Love the tentacles. But then, I’m loving everything I’m reading this morning…

    Rapture – #4

    He’d been having a drink at the Playa Capri when he first saw her. She came in with her friends—five of them, chattering and giggling as they were shown to their table—but he never noticed the others, once he’d seen her. The dark, quiet one. The one he knew he had to have.

    “Hello, ladies,” he said as he approached them. “Mind if I join you?”

    He knew he was staring, but he couldn’t stop. She kept her face averted. It was one of the others who spoke to him. “Are you buying?” she asked, while her friends gasped nervously, startled by her boldness.

  10. Touching Eve

    The jacket hit the floor and his tie followed. She took his glass of wine and watched his hands dance down the front of his shirt. When she stepped away and produced her cell phone he stopped.

    She stared at his fingers and demanded, “Did I say you could stop? And stop looking at me. It is clear that you need to be punished. The question is, how?”

    His gaze dropped and his finger’s started. Eve hit speed dial and waited.

    “Yes,” she watched his shirt come off and his hands hesitate over his belt buckle. The phone aside she asked, “Did I say you should stop?”

  11. If the comments are slow it’s because I need to approve them!! ARGH!!!!!

  12. This is #4 right? I freakin’ lost count. lol.


    Stranded (or something) #4:
    Not half an hour later, she recognized the scent of sex during a rainstorm as it approached the waiting area. “Ma’am, will you come with me please?”
    Without thinking, she took the pilot’s outstretched hand and stood. “Ready already?” He held a door open and allowed her to pass through first. “Do we need to wait on another pilot?”
    “Normally ma’am. Today it will just be you and me though. It’s not even a twenty minute flight.” A blast of hot air whipped past Naomi as he opened another door. “That’s why I’ve asked you out here. I know it’s not protocol, but I could use your assistance for a brief moment.”
    Naomi looked up sharply. Her assistance? She was the customer here, right? Since when did pilots need assistance from their passengers? If he noticed her agitation, he didn’t break stride.
    “Mr. Garrison, I don’t know about this…“ He opened yet another door only a few feet away from the door they had exited from. “What did you need me for?”Naomi turned around to better watch him as he entered the room.
    He crossed to where she stood in two strides. One strong arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her body close to his. They locked gazes for a moment before he replied. “This.”
    His lips crashed down on hers and for the second time that day-–definitely for the second time in her life-–Naomi Franklin was stunned into silence.

  13. Whoa, Dee, that’s my kind of pilot! Why doesn’t that happen more often? 😉

  14. Vivian. Could I get a sip of your coffee? What is that you put in here?

  15. All depends, darling, we’ve moved onto the peppermint snapps now…


  16. Running to the fridge to get some Vodka

  17. Reunion part 4

    She parked her coup and pulled the sun visor down. Using the mirror, she checked out her face, making sure her mascara still held her eyelashes in a sensual arc and her cheeks were just this side of naturally flushed. The bad habit of biting her lips had nearly removed all the color. A quick re-application and she pursed them together, ensuring an even application. Getting out of the car, she tucked the keys into her flirty little purse and slung the strap over her shoulder.

    At a fast pace, somewhere between a jog and speed-walking, Kaitlin made the final dash to the arrival gate. Post 9-11 security made it impossible for her to await her man as he disembarked, but directly behind the luggage scanners was good enough for her.

    Rounding the corner, she felt her phone vibrate. Taking the Blackberry out of the side compartment, she clicked the little flashing envelope which indicated she had a new text message.

    I’m here baby doll & I am dying to see you…

    Kaitlin’s heart rate soared with excitement. Soon, she’d be in his arms again.

  18. Ohh, glad to see you Christa!!
    Loving the Flashes, gang!

  19. Flash Race #4 – JB

    “You’re wasting time with questions you already know the answer to.” The man’s eyes were riveting. They were a color somewhere between iridescent turqouise and the palest blue of twilight. Now that he was this close, she smelled his scent, male and yet beyond male, the smell of promise and possibility … and impossibilities.

    “You’re the one. After all this time.”

    “I’m sorry you’ve been waiting so long. You weren’t ready until now.”

    “Why here? Why now?”

    Then again, Winter Solstice. The shortest day of the year. The day the light started to return. It made sense, in a way, the way dreams make sense.

  20. flash race #4

    “Maybe we could go someplace cooler?” Davis suggested.

    Monica ducked her head, too overwhelmed with a completely unreasonable annoyance to answer. What was wrong with him, anyway? He seemed nice enough, attractive enough. why should he continue hitting on her when she’d given him so little encouragement?

    Why was he so anxious to go someplace cooler–or darker, or more private or anywhere–with her? Hadn’t he come here to party? Why leave now…or did he think her that easily won?

    “Paige?” Davis’ gaze betrayed his concern. “Did you hear me?”

    Again she forced herself to meet his gaze and smile. “Cooler. Yes. I’d like that.”

  21. Drinks at Darcie’s Place

    “That’s it? You collect things?”

    She felt his hand slide off her shoulder, past the sleeve of her short dress, and brush her bare skin. The touch made her tingle all over.

    “Well, not just anything. In fact, I’m looking for a new acquisition right now.”

    Now came out like a growl of some kind and Lilly tried to figure out why the room was spinning lazily.

    “Really?” It came out in a soft strangled squeak.

    “Really. Maybe I should tell you what I collect.”

    Lilly tried to get a breath before she passed out. He’s asked a question. She wanted to answer him. She had to answer him. Finally she found the question and got her answer to fall out of her mouth onto his very broad chest.

    “Ah, what do you collect?”

  22. Great stories. But now I gotta start at the beginning again for the flash race.

  23. Woot!
    Beth, make sure you have an ample supply of drinks for our cabana boys

  24. Loved the stories! And I’ll be looking for the book, I love shifters too.

  25. THey all sound so good!!

  26. I was lookin’ for the Friday fill your ebook

  27. Is this the right place? I’m also looking for the Friday fill your ebook reader.

  28. Sorry folks…seems we’ve had some technical difficulties. The blog tour for 1/15/09 should continue on at Saranna DeWylde’s spot.

  29. Oh my, that’s hot.

  30. yes it was vert hot. Wow

  31. Great eye candy!

  32. I’ll post just be on the safe side! LOL

    Off to the next blog!

  33. Excited to be stopping by. What a fun way to get your books out there. I love the themes. And Celts. Oh yeah. Melt my heart.

  34. Nice eye candy and I love your Celtic theme!

  35. The link on to get to the next site still skips right over this one. I went back to it manually to see if the site was working yet or not.

  36. Oh, and it’s only 4:22pm PT, so what time zone is your server in? Just curious, since our cut off is midnight ET. 😀

    • Hi Marcie
      I had an Internet issue that wasn’t rectified until late this afternoon so unfortunately, I had to bow out of the official Ebook Reader Blog Tour.

  37. Do you write M/M?!

    • Hi, Scott
      Yep I write m/m also.
      Sent you an email with more info
      Thanks for stopping by!!!

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