Posted by: jeannebarrack1 | February 10, 2010

Be My Valentine Blog Tour

Welcome to the Be My Valentine Blog Tour!  You should be following the tour via the Booknibbles Tour Bar. just click that link and it will take you on the tour. We’ll be hopping along all weekend, so take your time, check out my books pages to see what I’ve got going on, and enjoy the eye candy along the way. Don’t forget to leave a comment here to be entered in the drawing for a share of the grand prize!
And now, for your pleasure (and mine) the eye candy!















You may have noticed I have a thing for er, derrieres. But (ouch!) I also chose these lovely guys because they’re some place warm!!
One more                          








And if you click on the Khat Tales tab, you’ll see even more lovely pictures AND the next scene in the story!
Remember, leave comments on every page you visit and you’ll be entered that many times for the grand prize!!



  1. I’m loving the eye candy! You’re a new author for me so I’m off to check out your books & the Khat Tales page 🙂

  2. Oh my…pic #2 is sooo deelish!

  3. You’ll be getting no complaints from me! Nice pics!

  4. Good lord. Great eye candy. There goes the diet lol lol
    You’re a new to me Author and I love anything Celtic so I’ll be checking out your books as well.
    Carol L.

  5. Your a new author to me, so ill be checking your books out. =) too.

  6. Wow…*drools* What yummy pics.

    Thanks for giving me a pick me up this morning. *grins*


  7. nothing wrong with the rear view here…


  8. What a great way to start the weekend. I will be enjoying all the calorie free eye candy.

  9. I love the view that you’ve gave us.

  10. Glad you’re enjoying the eye candy, gang.
    What makes it even better is that there are no calories!! :~D

  11. I’m so glad the eye doctor took out those loose stitches so I could enjoy all the wonderful eye candy here.

  12. oh I know I would follow these men around all day for that view

  13. Loved the eye candy!

  14. I think this is the best start to a weekend I had in a long time.

  15. Whoa, #2 is quite a picture. Wonder what they were thinking when they took it.

  16. OMG. thank you. lol 8D

  17. Thanks for the pictures!


  19. What a way to warm up a cold day!

  20. Amazing Eye Candy…only problem is now I need a cold shower!

  21. Oh my, and here I thought the weekend was going to be horrid. Love the pix.

  22. Yup, definately warming up! 🙂

  23. I love #3 with the tattoos…

    Michelle B. aka Koshkalady

  24. I’d love to hang out where ever those guys sunbath. Looks like they do it in their nice birthday suits.

  25. oh hotness deff be clicking ty for sharing!

  26. Oh I love tats on a guy… trace them with my fingers and make him tell me the story of each one. Thanks for sharing.

  27. A picture is worth a thousand drools…I mean, words.

  28. May I order more of pic #3? Yummmm!

    • Cindy, surfed over to your site and checked out that you’re into Brigid and live in the DC area. We gotta talk!

  29. Love the view, thanks for sharing.

  30. Nice tushes. & since I’m a native Floridian, love warm places ❤

  31. Yep, I have to agree the rear view is exceptional.
    Thanks, Jeanne!

  32. Love the eyecandy!


  33. very nice…thank you!

  34. Nice eye candy!

  35. Thanks so much for the rear views!

  36. HOLY WOW, a lot of man-butts!

  37. Got that soap out of my eyes. Ah, looks like I don’t need the towel. Is kinda cold though.

  38. Love your eye candy especially the two guys!!!

  39. OMG!!! That was some eye candy
    I think my new favorite body part is ummm derrieres!!!!
    Thanks for the great stop Jeanne!

  40. hot they are

  41. I love a good booty!

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