The Terran Realm~Khat Tales

Here are the first five scenes of The Mating Ritual.
Additional scenes will be posted as I can, so please check back and let me know what you think.
The Mating Ritual ~ Scene #6 added 1/16 with picture
Scene #7 added 2/12 with picture

Khatkool barOnsinta, sexy, cat shifter and ally of the Terrans, smiled at his reflection in the mirror. Aviva, the Spirit Terran and his former ward, had been the one to call him sexy when he was still in his feline form. Naturally, he agreed with her. She had kissed him on both cheeks when she had awakened in bed with him in his naked, human shape, clothed him with jeans, shirt and boots left behind by one of her former lovers, and wished him well. Although he regretted leaving her, he had reached the final stage of his maturity and shifted once more to human and it was time to go. He must mate within one month or at the end, return to his furred form forever.
He had met the male he believed was his chosen one and now would begin the
Mating Ritual.
Khat increased his pace, tugging at the clothes he had been forced to wear in his human form. The sunshine yellow top hugged his lean physique and the tight, low-slung jeans cupped his ass and balls. 
He couldn’t wait to get out of them. 
He had told Mark to meet him at the gazebo in the park. The secluded area was idyllic and he wanted their first time to be perfect.
There he was. The day was sweltering hot and Mark had already stripped off his shirt. Khat’s mouth watered at the sight of his half-nude body. Soon they’d both be naked.
He couldn’t wait.
They needed no words.
Khat pushed Mark against the gazebo’s wooden wall and gripped the nape of his neck.
Their lips and tongues joined and he thrust his groin against Mark, loving the feel of the rough denim abrading his naked cock beneath the material.
Mark shoved his hand down the front of Khatkool’s jeans, rubbing his aching prick. 
Khat purred. Sweat trickled down his chest. Too hot. Too many clothes.
He pulled off his top.
Finally, they were skin to skin.
And the Ritual grew heated.
As soon as Khat pulled off his top, Mark was all over him. His calloused hands grabbed Khat’s jaw, bringing his lips back to where Khat had wanted them all along — plastered against his mouth.
Their zippers pulled tight against their burgeoning erections creating an arousing pressure.
Mark ran his hands up and down Khat’s sweat-slicked skin just as Khat rumbled out a purr that vibrated through his body. The sound set off a responding ripple of pleasure in Mark just as it was designed to do. If Mark were truly Khat’s chosen Barb, he would be able to join with Khat in every way possible, for as long as possible, matching his stamina.
If not, after this one time, they would never mate again.
Khat tugged the jeans down and caressed Mark’s ass, his fingers digging into his rounded backside.
Mark dragged his mouth from Khat’s, gasping for breath.
“What the hell are you doing to me? You’re driving me crazy! I want to fuck you so badly, I…Christ!”
Khat smiled. He had extended his nails just a shade, one of the abilities of his race. The tiny pricks made Mark jump, pushing his groin even harder against Khat.
“Did you like that?” Khat licked Mark’s chin, his rough tongue scrapping his jaw. “Did you?”
Mark moaned. “I don’t know what the hell you just did, but fuck me, do it again!”
“Fuck you or do it again?”

Added January 16th


Khat had reached the limits of his patience. The gazebo was shielded from the rest of the park by a heavy growth of bushes and a thick stand of willows, their branches bending over the structure and protecting them from prying eyes. But then, he didn’t give a damn if anyone saw them. Not when Mark had finally followed his lead and managed to push Khat’s jeans down his hips and fondle his hard cock.
He shoved Mark’s jeans all the way down his legs until they pooled at his feet and released Mark’s penis.
He sank to his knees, opened his mouth and slowly took in Mark’s thick arousal.
He squeezed Mark’s balls, rolling them within their soft sac.
He loved to play with balls…

“God, Barry, enough. Did you bring lube? I told you I wanted you to fuck me, so do it before someone finds us.”
Khat reluctantly let Mark’s prick slip from his lips, wondering if he had been hasty in his choice of a lover. He had met Mark at a gay bar his second week out in his human form. The attraction had been instaneous and intense. He had told him his name was “Barry”, a version of his real name. If Mark proved to be his chosen one, he would share everything with him, including his real name and nature. If not…
Mark grabbed his hair, forcing him to look up at him.
“Get up and fuck me. Hurry.”




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